Hal Frazier

Discography - "After Hours" LP

After Hours Liner Notes
for After Closing Time:

"I almost forgot to add this great vocal from the Reprise catalogue,
 but seeing it on legendary DJ Ian Clark's list 
for 150 [Pounds British Sterling]
prompted me to add it at the last minute.
In fact it also inspired the title of this collection."
~ Richard Searling

Hal had also nearly forgotten this one,
until he too had to pay 150 pounds for a DJ demo of
The Ever Constant Sea . . .
the FLIP side of After Closing Time!

From the Vaults of Atlantic, ATCO, LOMA, Reprise & Warner Bros. Records 1965 - 1973
Warner Music UK Ltd. #0927-48534-1
Alice Clark - "You Hit Me (Right Where It Hurt Me)"
Ike & Tina Turner - "Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You"
David & Ruben - "I Love Her So Much It Hurts Me"
The Harvey Averne Dozen - "Think It Over"
Darrell Banks - "Angel Baby (Don't You Ever Leave Me)"
Larry Laster - "Go For Yourself"
Barbara Lewis - "I Remember The Feeling"
Ben Aiken - "Satisfied"
The Blossoms - "That's When The Tears Start"
The Ambassadors - "Good Love Gone Bad"
Linda Jones - "My Heart Needs A Break"
Deon Jackson - "Ooh Baby"
The Coasters - "Crazy Baby"
The Astors - "Twilight Zone"
Tami Lynn - "I'm Gonna Run Away From You"
Ella Fitzgerald - "Get Ready"
Lou Ragland - "Since You Said You'd Be Mine"
The Patterson Singers - "How Can You Say That Ain't Love"
Bobby Womack - "Find Me Somebody"
Barbara Lynn - "This Is The Thanks I Get"
Bobby Wilson - "Feels Good"
Johnny Copeland - "Sufferin' City"
Esther Phillips - "Just Say Goodbye"
Hal Frazier - "After Closing Time"

These Discography pages contain all the vinyl Hal has found,
so far, for his personal library. 

But there may be additional 45's and acetates
"out there" somewhere.

So, keep your eyes open at garage sales,
flea markets, and vintage stores.

And, please, use the Contact page to
let Hal know if you find any!

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