Hal Frazier

Discography - "No Man Is An Island" LP

Hal Frazier's second album, No Man Is An Island,
features Dick Grove's outstanding arrangement of "My Way".

the eagerly awaited promotion and distribution of
No Man Is An Island
were minimized by internal problems
at Vance Music Corp.

Although vinyl-lovers can still find this one,
it is not as widely available as the Hal Frazier LP.


No Man Is An Island
VMC Records #VS137
"Nature Boy"
"Where Do I Go"
"She's Too Good To Me"
"The Twelth of Never"
"Windmills Of Your Mind"
"No Man Is An Island"
"The Leaves Are Falling On The Past"
"I'm Gonna Start To Cast My Shadow"
"My Way"

These Discography pages contain all the vinyl Hal has found,
so far, for his personal library.

But there may be additional 45's and acetates
"out there" somewhere.

So, keep your eyes open at garage sales,
flea markets, and vintage stores.

And, please, use the Contact page to
let Hal know if you find any!

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