Hal Frazier

Discography - 45's

In addition to his two albums,
Hal recorded and released many singles,
such as: 

"Looking For A Road To Freedom"
"Too Much"

"The Ever Constant Sea"
"After Closing Time"

"In The Arms of Love"
"Cold, Cold Summer"

"Lovers Are Always The Same"
"Juliet Jones"

"Didn't We"
"Walk On By"

"Spin, Spin"
"They Don't Give Medals (To Yesterday's Heroes)"

- - - - - - - -

These Discography pages contain all the vinyl Hal has found,
so far, for his personal library.

But there may be additional 45's and acetates "out there" somewhere. So, keep your eyes open at garage sales, flea markets,
and vintage stores.

And, please, use the Contact page to let Hal know if you find any!

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